JRS detention volunteers trained to spot the signs of modern slavery

The Jesuit Refugee Service and the Santa Marta Group teamed up to deliver training to detention centre volunteers to help them identify victims of modern slavery.

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation, operating in over 50 countries worldwide. Their mission is to accompany, serve as companions, and advocate on behalf of refugees, or forced migrants. JRS UK works specifically with refugees who have been detained or made destitute by the asylum process.

One way JRS serve refugees and migrants is to offer practical assistance to people in detention. They work with detainees and provide weekly ‘surgeries’ to respond to individuals needs.

The detention centre volunteers gathered for a day to focus on spotting the signs of modern slavery and learning the appropriate way to respond to it.

The training offered the opportunity for volunteers to share their experiences and think through how they and other volunteers in detention centres could assist victims of modern slavery.

The training day included:

  • What is human trafficking/modern slavery
  • How to identify survivors of trafficking
  • What is the National Referral Mechanism and how it works
  • How to support survivors

Beatrice Grasso, JRS UK Detention Outreach Manager:

“Everyone I spoke to afterwards told me they really enjoyed it and found it very informing and thought-provoking.”

This is part of the wider work that the Santa Marta Group are doing to raise awareness of trafficking and modern slavery within existing church organisations and structures. Previously, the Santa Marta Group have delivered training sessions to ethnic chaplains, safeguarding leads and social action groups.