Santa Marta Group discussion

Our Approach

The Santa Marta Group works by bringing together decision-makers so that they can share experiences, learn from each other and find solutions to the grave criminal challenge posed by human trafficking.

The Group is a medium in which trusted relationships are made, which then allow for cooperation and practical answers to be generated.

Each member is independent and what unites them is a mutual respect and desire to work together to tackle the slavery and trafficking problem. Creativity, imagination and flexibility are the characteristics of this overall partnership, along with a determination to place the needs of victims at the centre of their response.

The Santa Marta Group is thus a method and a meeting place for finding creative shared responses to criminality and the ills it causes.

The Group does not try to impose a single solution to a complex and transnational issue but rather brings together the skills, wisdom and experience of its members who work in very different national contexts.

The SMG helps share that learning and experience to create partnerships and coalitions to tackle slavery and trafficking and by that makes a difference.