Sisters raise awareness of human trafficking to over 7000 people

During the last two months the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus have embarked on an awareness raising campaign about human trafficking in parishes, outstations and schools in the Archdiocese of Benin City and the Dioceses of Uromi and Auchi.

The sisters visited 12 parishes and two schools and had a total audience of over 7,800 people.

Both adults and young people attended and were encouraged to guard against human traffickers who come promising job opportunities abroad, but in reality traffic people into prostitution and organ harvesting.

The Sisters stressed the importance of learning skills to help earn a livelihood that would not leave people vulnerable to traffickers. The Sisters also explained the dangers of illegal migration, particularly through Libya.

This latest awareness raising campaign is part of larger anti-trafficking work being carried out by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another pillar of anti-trafficking work done by the Sisters is the creation of livelihood opportunities as a preventative measure. They run a vocational skill acquisition centre providing marketable skills to young women and men who, due to economic constraints, could not complete their secondary education.

Nigeria is a source, transit and destination country for potential victims of human trafficking. The trafficking of young women from Nigeria to Europe for sexual exploitation is a persistent global trend. The UNODC and NAPTIP report that a disproportionate number of victims rescued from human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation are from Edo State.

The work of  the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is supported by the Santa Marta Group.