Nigeria: Benin Project GrowEdo

GrowEdo is a new agricultural development project for young people in Edo State, Nigeria.

This project has been launched by the Dioceses of Benin and Uromi in collaboration with the Santa Marta Group. It aims to use agriculture to develop livelihoods for young people at risk of human trafficking.

It seeks to help young men and women from all backgrounds develop skills and confidence to enable them to become ‘agri-preneurs’ and promote food security.

Developing the rural economy and individuals skill set works to prevent young people being lured into modern slavery.

The young people participating in the scheme will spend part of their time being trained on the practical side of growing crops and part of their time managing their individual plot of land. This will allow the participants to focus their energies on developing skills in crops and products that they are interested in and see as having market potential.

GrowEdo is a pilot project that in time will be rolled out to other areas.

This is part of the Church’s wider significant contribution to combat modern slavery in Edo State.

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The project is supported by the Santa Marta Group and The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.