Pope to UN: Strengthen the bonds of cooperation to end the suffering

Pope Francis sent a message to delegates at a special conference held at the United Nations headquarters in New York on 7 April 2016 on the issues surrounding human trafficking and modern slavery.

The Pope asked the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations New York, The Most Reverend Bernardito Auza, to convey his message.

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The Most Reverend Bernardito Auza, Permanent Observer to the United Nations New York, I extend greetings to you and to all those gathered to discuss the grave issue of modern slavery and human trafficking, which continues to be a scourge throughout the world today.

I am grateful to you and the members of the ‘Santa Marta Group’ for your efforts in organising this conference, and to the Member States and various governmental, civic and religious organisations committed to combatting this crime against humanity.

As you reflect on the multifaceted issues which contribute to modern slavery and human trafficking, I encourage you to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and communication which are essential to ending the suffering of the many men, women and children who today are enslaved and sold as if they were a mere commodity.

In this way, solutions and preventative measures can be promoted which will allow this evil to be addressed at every level of society. In your discussions, I hope also that you will keep before you the dignity of every person, and recognise in all your endeavours a true service to the poorest and most marginalised of society, who too often are forgotten and have no voice.

In assuring you and all present of the steadfast commitment of the Catholic Church to fight against this crime and to care for all its victims, I offer the promise of my prayers that Almighty God may bless and guide your efforts.


Original Letter

Pope’s Letter to UN Delegates – 30 March 2016