Santa Marta Group Conference Summary

In February 2018 law enforcement officers, Bishops, religious sisters and international organisations from across the world gathered in the Vatican for the fifth Santa Marta Group conference.

The conference focused on the regional realities of human trafficking and how members were tailoring their solutions to fight it.

A summary of the conference and of the Papal audience is now available here.

The conference featured contributions from every continent and from international agencies, introducing the role of the private sector and the importance of transparency in supply chains. All the presentations made during the conference are available here.

Cardinal Nichols, Santa Marta Group President, in his address to Pope Francis reflected:

This meeting of the Santa Marta Group, the fifth we have held, has heard of this work from every continent of the growing cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the resources of the Catholic Church. Achievements are considerable. The challenge is great.

In all our efforts we try to keep before our eyes the faces of those who are enslaved, those who are rescued, those who are making the long road of recovery.

It is they, our brothers and sisters, whom we wish to serve, as well as striving wholeheartedly to find, stop and prosecute the perpetrators of these evil and brutal crimes.