The women, and men, who speak in these films have been ruthlessly exploited by criminals involved in human trafficking. They show great courage and bravery to give us a valuable insight into the damage caused by these violent, degrading crimes.

Kateřina, Erika, Aduke and Mrs J

Kateřina and Erika were trafficked into prostitution. Aduke, a Nigerian teenager, was sold as an adult and ended up on the streets in both the south of France and the UK. Mrs J was forced into a situation of domestic servitude.

Watch a film about the horrific realities.

Sophie Hayes

Sophie Hayes, a British victim of human trafficking, was deceived by a man who said he loved her. Tragically she was forced to work on the streets, was beaten up, force-fed and turned into a ‘product’ – a vehicle to make money.

Watch a short film.

Diane Martin

Diane Martin gives a survivor’s first-hand account of the realities of human trafficking and tells of the suffering inflicted by traffickers.

Listen to her story.


Princess was a cook in a traditional restaurant in Nigeria. In 1999 she was approached by a woman who promised her a job as a chef in Italy. Unfortunately the life-changing opportunity was anything but. The Italian woman was a Madam from Turin and, having brought Princess into the country, sold her into prostitution and told her she would have to repay $45,000.

Watch Princess address the Santa Marta Group in 2016.

Former footballer Al Bangura

Al Bangura grew up in Sierra Leone dreaming of being a professional footballer. He arrived in the UK as a vulnerable 14 year old with a man who promised to put him on the path to the Premier League. Instead he was abandoned and left alone in a unfamiliar building before three men tried to force him into having sex with them.

Watch Al address the Santa Marta Group in 2016.


Crystal was trafficked to the UK from Trinidad into a situation of domestic servitude leaving four children in the West Indies. She endured an abusive marriage and was vulnerable to coercion and grooming. Crystal was trafficked for four years, sold to three families and worked at least 18 hours-a-day.

Watch Crystal address the Santa Marta Group in 2016.

Note: The survivors recorded – either at Santa Marta Conferences or for short films – speak honestly about the abuse and exploitation they have suffered at the hands of the traffickers.