Testimony: Prostitution and Human Trafficking

A vital component of any conference where human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude are examined in depth is to hear from those who have suffered at the hands of these brutal criminals.

At the North Atlantic Maritime Project conference held in Limerick, Ireland, from 10 – 11 May 2016, a brave woman, Mia de Faoite, took the podium to tell her story and that of her friend Jenny.

Mia started her account by looking back to when she was a respected civil servant who made some bad decisions and fell into drug addiction and prostitution. For the last 18 months of the six years she spent on the streets, Mia stood alongside a trafficked woman called Jenny.

She gave a harrowing insight into the cruel and disturbing world of prostitution and human trafficking. It’s a world where society as a whole – not just the politicians, charities, law enforcers and law makers – must educate, protect and enshrine the values that make the world a place that allows all humans to thrive.


Here you can download a nine-page PDF of Mia’s testimony telling her story and Jenny’s. Please note that this is real. It is harrowing, brutal and in places explicit.

Testimony: Mia and Jenny