Thailand: Buddhist nuns and Talitha Kum sisters work together to combat human trafficking

In March 2018, Talitha Kum Thailand organised a training course for their members to empower them for their work in the next year on anti-human trafficking in Thailand.

The training was run by Buddhist nuns from the monastery Sathine Dhammasathan.

The seminar was to support the sisters of Talitha Kum Thailand to improve their knowledge of human trafficking in order to help and support survivors. The sisters will be working in government centres with survivors of human trafficking during the coming months.

The alliance between the sisters and the Buddhist nuns on anti-human trafficking work is very important as the issue is global and affects people from all communities and therefore needs a collaborative response.

According to the Global Slavery Index there are an estimated 425,500 people living in modern slavery in Thailand, particularly in forced labour and sexual exploitation. The victims come primarily from neighbouring countries, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar.

Talitha Kum Thailand started in 2012 as part of a global effort to bring religious congregations together to work on the fight against human trafficking. Talitha Kum is an international network of religious orders against trafficking in persons. They work in 76 countries spanning five continents.