Training Seminar on Combatting Trafficking, Argentina

Last month in Argentina, Interpol organised the seventh World conference about trafficking in Buenos Aires. This short subtitled film shows some of the training for the police cadets as Argentina continues to take the lead on combatting trafficking, led by Commissioner Roncaglia, head of the Argentinian Police.

Earlier this year, Cardinal Nichols joined Commissioner Roncaglia, Bishop Lozano and those who work in combatting trafficking in the Argentinian Church and civil society in the first Santa Marta Group Latin American Regional Conference in Buenos Aires


Cardinal Calls on Governments to keep their promises to Victims of Human Trafficking
Read the conclusion of the Santa Marta Group conference for Latin America, held in Buenos Aires.

Cardinal Nichols Prays for Victims of Trafficking at the Shrine of Our Lady of Luján
On Sunday 10 February Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Luján

The Struggle Against Human Trafficking Must Focus on the Protection of the Vulnerable Person, Says Cardinal
In the keynote address at the Santa Marta Latin American conference in Buenos Aires on 9th February, Cardinal Vincent Nichols emphasised the centrality of upholding human dignity in the fight against human trafficking.

Cardinal Nichols: Recognise That We Are Part of the ‘Chain of Supply and Demand’ That Enslaves Victims of Human Trafficking
Cardinal Nichols preaches homily in Argentina highlighting how close we stand to the scourge of trafficking